Global Trade Item Number

14 Aug, 2016

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is an identifier for trade items. The EAN-13 barcode is used worldwide for marking products . Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) can be used by a company to uniquely identify all of its trade items. MicroMedia joined to GS1's global language. 

The EAN barcode is primarily used to identify product at the point of sales. The products contain the EAN number or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) to identify itself. 

The standard EAN/GTIN product code has 13 digits. 

  • The first 2 digits of the EAN-13 or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) code are containing the country of the article. The first two or three digits of an EAN-13 barcode identify the country in which the manufacturer's identification code was assigned. 599 represents Hungary.
  • The next 5 digits code the producer of the article.
  • The following 5 digits represent the article number which is given by the producer.
  • The remaining last digit is the check digit whether the code is properly given. 

Each country has a coding authority which assigns codes to manufacturers and maintains a central database. In future we might add our unique bar codes to our labels in order to help our clients to identify the products by bar code reader as well. In order to prepare your system to translate our bar codes ask for our database 


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