Hand hygiene scanner

17 Sep, 2016

Semmelweis hand hygiene scanner - the only objective hand hygiene control solution in the world. 60% of healthcare-associated infection are due to improper hand hygiene which was almost impossible to decrease - until now .  


SEMMELWEIS Hand-Hygiene Scanner

Hand hygiene effectively prevents infections 

  • 60 % of healthcare-associated infections are due to improper hand hygiene
  • 30% improvement in hand hygiene means 1.4 million USD annual saving for an avarage US hospital 
  • 24% of staff fails to properly disinfect hands

Hand-in-Scan Solution
  • Validated , evidence-based technology
  • Real-time evaluation of hand rubbing technique
  • Tested on 15.000+healthcare workers 
  • Personalized training and audit services
  • Integration to Hosptial Information Systems
  • Global clinical partnership
  • Internationally patented technology
  • 19 major innovation awards
  • 13 scientific publications
  • Red Dot Design Award

How it works 



Currently we are looking for dealers to promote Semmelweis Hand Scanners in Latin America and in Spain !
In case of interest please contact our area manager for Latam countries and for Spain !    

It is unique on the market
scanner is patented technology


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