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We proudly present our MicroMedia brand for all who use dehydrated and ready to use culture media in food, water, clinical or in veterinary microbiology . We offer wide range of products for microbiological use from very simple media to the most complicated high-end class chromogenic solutions and cell culture media.

Grouping of our MicroMedia range : 

-Media in medical and veterinary bacterology 

-Selective and differentiating media

-Antibiotic sensitivity testing 

-Anaerobe media

-Special media for difficult to culture microorganisms

-Enrichment media 

-Transport Media

-Media used for identification 

-Microbiology of food and animal feed staff

-Detection of enteropathogenic bacteria

-Industrial and environmental microbiology

-Special chromogenic media 

-Cell culture media 


Our staff has started its activity in 1995 with establishing a small manufacturing plant with all the instrumentations in order to produce high quality end products. We have been developing our product portfolio continously in accordance with the international standards and by the customer feedbacks . This is why we have about 200-230 different products but the majority of our media has alternative formulation as well to satisfy local needs . We have been using the highest grade of raw materials from EU , US and New Zealand . 

*For the full list of available media please visit Download section 

We can offer not just standard products but we might supply "solutions" which means special formulation for Africa, Asia or South America by the local needs. We are happy to produce in OEM in order to support our partners to introduce their own brand in their market. We also have the capability to produce by our client's formulation.   

As an innovative producer we have own chromogenic agars range like Candida differentation agar  - CANDICOLOR for urinary tract infections which is the URICOLOR for differentation of E. coli and Coliforms which is called COLICOLOR for methycillin resistance S.aureus the STAPHYCOLOR and for Salmonella identification the SALMOCOLOR.  

The manufacturing background of MicroMedia fulfills the highest quality control criteria like batch to batch raw mat testing , standard end product testing with ATCC strains according to the EU and International standards and the NCCLS. Our capacity exceeds the 100.000 kgs per year with batch sizes from 3-100kgs . We are certified by ISO9001:2000 and we also have CE registration four our whole range of products.

*For further details about our Quality assurance and philosophy - visit Download page 

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